Callejo Building Construction is Underway!

Construction is underway at the future home of our law office at 4310 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas. The building, originally constructed in 1954, was in need of extensive remodeling. Asbestos abatement in the building is now complete. Asbestos ceiling tiles, floor tiles and window glazing were abated and removed per strict abatement protocol standards. […]

Upcoming ADAO Congressional Briefing

If you’re reading this, you know about asbestos and the devastating impact it can have on lives. Due to the recent passage into law of extensive reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a ban on asbestos in the US is promising. However, the need to capitalize on this momentum with senators is imperative. […]

Teen Drivers: Their Biggest Cause of Serious Accidents

An article at presents a wake-up call to both parents and teens. There are jokes and comedic sketches about teen drivers, but the reality is far from funny. Getting teen drivers to truly understand and appreciate the danger and responsibility of being behind the wheel is not easy. Statistics mean little to them, so […]

Driving While Playing Pokémon Go is a Big NO!

Who would ever think that chasing cartoonish characters while driving would be a problem? While many people don’t understand this recent craze, and have no desire to play, you may find yourself involved if someone on the road with you is playing. Already there are players injured by walking into traffic or some other hazard […]

Ben DuBose Honored by D Magazine in 2016 Best Lawyers in Dallas Issue

Ben DuBose, of DuBose Law Firm, PLLC, has been recognized by his peers as one of the “Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas” in the May, 2016 D Magazine “Best Lawyers in Dallas” issue. This honor is given when nominated by peers who answer the question, “Which Dallas lawyers, of those whose work you have […]

Bowling for Asbestos?

A bowling alley, built in 1975, was in the process of tear down this July when the contractor found asbestos in the building. The City Manager of Alamogordo, New Mexico, Maggie Paluch, said, “As a city staff, we’re working diligently to fix the problem as soon as possible.” It was also discovered that wood from […]

The Deadly Legacy of Asbestos

‘Even if the Canadian government were to ban all asbestos use tomorrow, this country will be dealing with the legacy of its love affair with the deadly mineral for decades, perhaps centuries, to come.” This shocking statement is from an article by Michelle Lalonde in the Montreal Gazette. The incubation time for asbestos disease to […]

New Staging Categories Means More Treatment Options

When a patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma, a disease stage is also assigned. The stage determines the treatment plan for the patient. These standards for stage evaluation have been updated through a project led by Dr. Valerie Rusch, renowned mesothelioma specialist from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. This re-categorization will lead to […]